Monday, November 26, 2018

From My Workbasket: Crewel Project

Hey y'all! 

It doesn't seem possible that we are in the last few months of 2018. It doesn't seem that long ago when I was creating my year's resolutions....

Speaking of which, one of those goals was to finish a certain "crewel" project - one that I had started years and years ago. Well, I managed to finish it late this summer (yes, even with my busy work schedule!) and as promised, I have pictures!

What is "crewel" you ask? 

(Good question, I didn't know what it was either until I got this project one Christmas.....) 

Crewel is basically another form of embroidery. My guess is that what distinguishes it from regular embroidery is the fact that there are two different kinds of thread...but honestly, I have no idea if this is even accurate or not. I certainly can't tell anything else that's different.....

 This particular project featured wool and cotton thread, and it consisted of mostly Satin stitching, Lazy Daisy stitches, and French knots. 

And now, allow me to draw the curtain away.....

to reveal it in all it's glory! 

At first, I wasn't wild about how the colors didn't really blend with each other...but then again, it's really hard to blend colors in an embroidery situation, I suppose. 

The flowers and accent stitching were made with the cotton thread, while the leaves and bow were made with wool. I had to use two different needles, which always makes things interesting. 

The most annoying part were all the French knots that made up the baby's breath. There were sooooo many!! And I dislike making French knots to begin with.....

That golden thread around the bow takes a close second though.....

The reason why the corners are torn is because the fabric didn't totally fit the embroidery scroll frame that I had. Cutting the fabric reduced the bulk on the initial roll so it could roll correctly. It looks so much better than if I had used a regular embroidery hoop. 

Currently, this little project is sitting unframed in one of my drawers. I dearly hope to frame it soon and hang it as part of my new room decor for Operation Vintage Makeover! 

Chat with me! Have you ever done any embroidery or crewel? What has been your most recent project and how close are you to finishing? 

Old-fashionably yours,

Catherine <3