Librivox - What a Treasure!

Hey y'all,

I'm definitely one of those people who likes to play music/movies while I do my handicrafts. I'm also one that likes to read while keeping my hands occupied. However, it's very hard to hold a book while you're trying to purl or double crochet.

One thing that I noticed from reading all sorts of old-fashioned novels is that it was not uncommon for ladies to read aloud while working. I guess it was to keep the mind busy while the hands worked. But, most of my female friends are scattered hither and yon, so that doesn't solve my problem.

Coercion wasn't an option either.

Then I remembered Librivox.

I had been introduced to Librivox in high school, reading The Scarlet Pimpernel (one of my favorite books!). I had forgotten about it till a couple of years ago.

What is Librivox?

It's an online library, with thousands of titles, all in the public domain, that you can listen to for FREE.

Yes. You read that right. FREE.

That means that you can listen to: Austen, Bronte, Alcott, Chesterton, Verne, Twain, Gaskell, Burnett, Livingston-Hill, Wodehouse, Trollope, Orczy, and Baum as well as explore various other authors and works! For FREE.

Seriously. Go check it out:

Old-fashionedly yours

Farm Lassie


  1. Yes, yes, YES! I am a huge fan of Librivox! Aren't they simply wonderful with everything they offer? Especially the classics! I discovered them a few years ago and have even gotten my brother hooked ;)I also enjoy listening to them while I crochet or during other quieter tasks. Very handy!


  2. Yes!!! Lately, they've been adding new ones left and right! I've discovered some really cool books by lesser known authors too. My favorite are the dramatic readings. I'm in the middle of listening to a dramatic reading of Rainbow Valley by L M Montgomery.


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