Sunday, July 16, 2017

Frugally Fancy is Going on Vacation

Hey y'all,

So...I've been struggling a bit....

Here's the problem:

1. Writing has kinda taken over my life this summer. Besides being heavily involved in the #RebelliousWriting movement, I'm also participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month (which is a blast, don't get me wrong).

2. I lost my kitchen. I moved out of my old apartment at school upon graduating, and I've been bouncing around the country ever since. Needless to say, most of my meals are quick-grab/brown bag affairs. And there is no telling when I'll get another kitchen. Which makes me rather sad.

3. I haven't touched any of my needlework since the spring. There has simply been no time.....

4. My photo setup is worse than it was before. There really is no place to set up my mirror, and it's just a little too small for the photo shoots that I want to take. And ideally, I need a camera, not a phone.

So that leaves me with just agriculture and Catholicism to work with. Not that they aren't interesting topics, but...after several series posts, I'm getting rather bored and/or frustrated with them.

In short, this blog and I have been at odds with each other for a while. I've got thirty million ideas, but have no way of executing them for right now. And I love this blog too much to have it burn out on me.


Frugally Fancy needs a vacation.

So I'm putting this blog on hiatus until November 2017, to be lifted at an earlier date if favorable circumstances prevail.

God bless y'all!

Old-Fashionably yours,

Farm Lassie

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Hey y'all!

So...the interruption in my series on how to say the Rosary in Latin was not entirely intentional. I had that Father's Day post planned beforehand, and I had hoped to get the series done within a week of Pentecost Sunday.

But then Our Lord threw a project in my path. And that project was the #RebelliousWriting movement.

What is the #RebelliousWriting movement you may ask?

Well, it's a movement for clean literature, which officially started in the last days of May. A group of us young bloggers got sick and tired of seeing swearing, impurity and abuse being glorified in Young Adult Literature. So a lot of us, Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant alike, took a stand, starting with a blogger named Gray Marie Cox (you can view her original post when you click the picture in my sidebar). I also made a post supporting this movement on my other blog, The Rebelling Muse.

God seemed to call me to go further though. A fiery zeal had started in my soul. Just saying that I supported it wasn't enough, I felt the need to help it grow.

At this point (mid-June), there had already been talk of potentially moving the movement to a website of it's own, of which I was ecstatic to hear about. I eagerly got in touch with Gray and the rest, as they say, is history.

Right now, I'm taking care of the team Pinterest, am on the writer's team, monitoring the team email, as well as *occasional* recruiting and other odd jobs. It sounds like a lot, but I'm enjoying every minute of it. I'm especially looking forward to the release of the #RebelliousWriting website, which will happen on August 9, 2017.

I would love to see this movement grow, especially among Catholic youth audiences. This movement would be a great catalyst to start a new culture of life among our youth. While it is only one part of the culture, even baby steps are better than nothing.

Old-fashionably yours,

Farm Lassie

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

How to Say the Rosary in Latin (Part 4, Finale)

Hey y'all!

I'm so sorry that I took this long, but we have finally come to the end! This last post will give the mystery titles in Latin and the prayers for the pope, so you can say your rosary totally in Latin!

Disclaimer: These prayers were taken and checked by multiple sources. The bulk of the prayers in this series can be found on this website:

Here's how it will work: I'll put the text of the whole prayer in Latin first, followed by the full English translation. Then, each prayer will be broken down by line. I'll give the Latin first in colored text, then the pronunciation below it in colored italics.

So let's get started!

Mysteria Gaudiosa/The Joyful Mysteries

Primum mysterium est: Annunciatio Beatæ Mariæ Virginis.
The first mystery is: The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Secundum mysterium est: Visitatio Beatæ Mariæ Virginis ad Sanctam Elizabethem.
The second mystery is: The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin to St. Elizabeth. 

Tertium mysterium est: Navitas Domini nostri Jesu Christi.
The third mystery is: The Birth (Nativity) of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Quartum mysterium est: Praesentio Pueri Jesu in Templo et Purificatio Beatae Mariae Virginis
The fourth mystery is: The Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple and the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Quintam mysterium est: Inventio Pueri Jesu in Templo
The fifth mystery is: The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple. 
Primum  mysterium  est:  Annunciatio     Beatæ  Mariæ Virginis
pre-mum me-steer-ee-oom est: ah-nun-chee-ah-tee-oh bee-ah-tay mar-ee-ay veer-gin-is
   Secundum     mysterium    est:     Visitatio      Beatæ    Mariæ Virginis ad Sanctam Elizabethem
say-coon-doom me-steer-ee-oom est: veh-sit-aht-tee-oh bee-ah-tay mar-ee-ay veer-gin-is ad sanck-tam Elizabeth-ehm
Tertium  mysterium est:   Navitas  Domini nostri Jesu Christi
tear-ze-oom me-steer-ee-oom est: nah-vi-tahs do-min-ee no-stree yea-zoo chreest-ee
Quartum mysterium est: Praesentio Pueri Jesu in Templo et Purificatio Beatae Mariae Virginis
quart-oom me-steer-ee-oom est: pray-sen-tee-oh poo-er-ee yea-zoo in tem-plo et pure-i-fi-cah-tee-oh bee-ah-tay mar-ee-ay veer-gin-is
Quintam     mysterium     est:    Inventio         Pueri      Jesu   in Templo
quint-am me-steer-ee-oom est: in-ven-tee-oh poo-er-ee yea-zoo in tem-plo
Mysteria Dolorsa/The Sorrowful Mysteries

Primum mysterium est: Oratio in horto Domini nostri Jesu Christi.
The first mystery is: The Agony of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Garden.

Secundum mysterium est: Flagellatio Domini nostri Jesu Christi.
The second mystery is: The Scourging of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Tertium mysterium est: Coronatio spinis Domini nostri Jesu Christi. 
The third mystery is: The Crowning Thorns of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Quartum mysterium est: Bajulatio Crucis Domini nostri Jesu Christi. 
The fourth mystery is: The Carrying of the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Quintum mysterium est: Crucifixio et mors Domini nostri Jesu Christi. 
The fifth mystery is: The Crucifixition and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Primum mysterium est:  Oratio in  horto Domini nostri Jesu Christi
pre-mum me-steer-ee-oom est: o-ra-tee-oh in hor-to do-min-ee no-stree yea-sue chreest-ee
Secundum    mysterium  est:   Flagellatio         Domini nostri  Jesu Christi
say-coon-doom me-steer-ee-oom est: flah-gel-lah-tee-oh do-min-ee no-stree yea-sue chreest-ee
       Tertium mysterium est: Coronatio   spinis      Domini    nostri Jesu Christi.
tear-ze-oom me-steer-ee-oom est: co-row-nah-tee-oh spin-ees do-min-ee no-stree yea-sue chreest-ee
Quartum mysterium  est:    Bajulatio      Crucis     Domini  nostri  Jesu Christi.
quart-oom me-steer-ee-oom est: bah-you-la-tee-oh crew-chees do-min-ee no-stree yea-sue chreest-ee
Quintam mysterium  est:    Crucifixio   et  mors  Domini  nostri  Jesu  Christi.
quint-am me-steer-ee-oom est: crew-chee-fix-ee-oh et morse do-min-ee no-stree yea-sue chreest-ee
Mysteria Gloriosa/The Glorious Mysteries

Primum mysterium est: Resurrectio Domini nostri Jesu Christi a mortuis.
The first mystery is: The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead.

Secundum mysterium est: Acensio in caelis Domini nostri Jesu Christi. 
The second mystery is: The Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ into Heaven. 

Tertium mysterium est: Descendit Spiritus Sancti in apostolis et Beatæ Mariæ Virginis
The third mystery is: The Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Quartum mysterium est: Assumptio Beatæ Mariæ Virginis ad caelum. 
The fourth mystery is: The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. 

Quintum mysterium est: Coronatio Beatæ Mariæ Virginis in caelis.
The fifth mystery is: The Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Heaven. 

Primum mysterium est:  Resurrectio     Domini   nostri     Jesu   Christi  a    mortuis
pre-mum me-steer-ee-oom est: reh-sir-reck-tee-oh do-min-ee no-stree yea-sue chreest-ee ah more-too-ees 
Secundum   mysterium est:    Acensio    in caelis    Domini nostri Jesu Christi.
say-coon-doom me-steer-ee-oom est: ah-sen-see-oh in chay-lis do-min-ee no-stree yea-sue chreest-ee
Tertium mysterium est: Descendit Spiritus Sancti in apostolis et Beatæ Mariæ Virginis
tear-ze-oom me-steer-ee-oom est: dee-shen-deet spear-i-toose sanck-tee in ah-post-oh-lis et  bee-ah-tay mar-ee-ay veer-gin-is
Quartum  mysterium est:  Assumptio     Beatæ     Mariæ  Virginis ad caelum.
quart-oom me-steer-ee-oom est: ah-sump-tee-oh bee-ah-tay mar-ee-ay veer-gin-is ad chay-loom
Quintam mysterium est:     Coronatio       Beatæ  Mariæ  Virginis in caelis.
quint-am me-steer-ee-oom est: co-row-nah-tee-oh bee-ah-tay mar-ee-ay veer-gin-is in chay-lis
 Prayers for the Pope:

Oremus et pro beatissimo Papa nostro Francisce
Let us pray for our most holy father, Pope Francis.

Pater Noster - Ave Maria - Gloria Patri
Our Father - Hail Mary - Glory Be

Oremus   et pro         beatissimo       Papa    nostro   Francisce
oh-ray-moose et pro bee-ah-tees-see-mo papa no-stro frahn-chis-kay


Thank heavens. 

(Did I ever mention that writing pronunciation is hard???) 

In addition to this post, I've also updated all of the other "How to Say the Rosary in Latin" posts so all the schemes are the same and all the italics are in the right place. (this is what happens when you write these at night). 

Hope your summer is going well! 

Old-fashionably yours, 

Farm Lassie