Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

Hey y'all,

I apologize for my mini-blogging hiatus - I took anther 600 mile trip (I seriously need to stop making a habit of this...) and....I have taken on a new role.

I can't reveal it just yet, but I'll give you a hint: it has something to do with the #RebelliousWriting movement.

Which I'm sure that my daddy would be very proud of :).

I've always looked up to my father. Our relationship has had it's bumps, but I wouldn't trade my daddy for anybody else's.

I wish Father's Day was celebrated more in depth. While mothers have a very important role, so do fathers. Not enough people recognize the father's contribution to the family.

This holiday should recognize:

The fathers that patiently work hard to provide for their families.

The fathers that set good examples for their sons.

The fathers that protect and support their daughters. 

The fathers that lovingly touch, bop, and kiss their children

The fathers that beam as little ones talk to them

The fathers that paitiently stay in the back of the church with their squawking baby

The fathers that lovingly correct their children. 

The fathers that encourage their children to follow their vocations.

Because while fathers may not seem to have as big of a role of raising their children, their role is irreplaceable.

And we Catholics should also recognize our priests during this holiday as well. They are not called "Father" for any idle reason. They have a lot of the same qualities as a natural father; quite sharper, if I may say so.

Saint Joseph, please pray for our fathers and guide them in their vocation of fatherhood.

Old-fashionably yours,

Farm Lassie

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  1. Yes, Fathers are so important! Great post Catherine!


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