Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Celebrating 1000 Views on Frugally Fancy!

Hey y'all,

So...this is really crazy.

For those that already follow or know me, you know that I just celebrated 1000 views on my other blog, The Rebelling Muse, literally not even 24 hours ago.

And now, it's older sister blog has 1000 views to her credit. WOW.

I'd been watching the stats now for a couple of weeks, wondering which one would hit 1000 views first because they had been really really close. Well, the little sister may have won this competition but that is no reason NOT to celebrate!!!!

So, to my 5 followers (same number as RM too??!! Good grief, I think we do have competing sister blogs here!) and to all of my viewers I say.....


*hands out more virtual cake and adds ice cream to boot*

Old-fashionably yours, 

Farm Lassie


  1. Wow! That's awesome! I was thrilled when we first hit 1,000 views. How long have you been blogging?

    <3 Pip

    1. Thank you Pip! I've been blogging since November 2016. I'll be celebrating my 6 month Blogoversary on the 19th of this month. So excited!!!

      Farm Lassie

  2. Yaaayy!!!!!! Congratulations, Catherine! Both of your blogs are truly spectacular, keep posting!!!!! :D


    1. Thank you Emma! It's gonna get really crazy these next few weeks cause I'm graduating college and starting a summer internship, but I'll still be around!


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