Monday, May 15, 2017

A Debt of Gratitude

Hey y'all,

Why are college graduations so bittersweet? 

My emotions have been on a giant roller coaster since Friday (Baccalaureate started it with that video montage and it went downhill from there). I've had to say goodbye to professors, roommates, best friends and even my sister. God only knows when I shall see them again.

I owe all of them such a huge debt of gratitude.

To my professors, I thank you for the good (and bad) grades, the laughs, the horrible teasing, the encouragement and your support.

To my friends in Physical Plant, I thank you for the wonderful work experience, the comradery, and the teasing that went with it.

To my college roommates for putting up with me, and being there for me.

To my college friends and classmates for the good times, the mutual complaining, and the laughs.

To my friends at Holy Family, I couldn't have survived going through college without you! You all are so special to me. Don't worry, I'll return soon.

And​ to my beloved sister and her family.... I love you all so much. Y'all welcomed a stranger into your family. We've shared so many movies, books, conversations, events. You have also changed me for the better, and for that I owe you so much. I send you lots of hugs until I see you again.

Darn it....I'm crying again.

Farm Lassie

P.S. I also thank Our Lord and Our Lady for everything that has happened these four years. I'm pretty sure that the fact that my graduation happened on the 100th anniversary of the first vision at Fatima is not a coincidence. I pray that all the people listed above may receive many blessings and favors granted.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

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