Sunday, April 16, 2017

Awkward & Awesome: Holy Week

Hey y'all,

Happy Easter everyone! To add to the spirit of joy and laughter, I put out an Awkward and Awesome post for Holy Week. Enjoy!


Being slap-happy and holding in giggles when you're SUPPOSED to be in Adoration.

Trying not to fall asleep during Adoration (Our church does it till midnight on Maundy Thursday).

Long, long, long confession lines (the ones that stretch all the way to the side altars)

During Good Friday's Veneration of the Cross, you approach the cross the wrong way and it jams into your chest. *Ouch*

Being up front for the New Fire....until a tall altar boy perfectly and completely blocks your view.....

Losing your voice because you sang so much.

Seeing all the same people for multiple days straight, often only hours apart.

Watching the altar boys make mistakes.....poor boys.

Hearing the ice cream truck outside the church window...on Good Friday....

Do we genuflect or bow???...


Priests that stay an extra 2 hours for confessions (GOD BLESS YOU FATHER)

Lumen Christi antiphion!!! I love it when the Pascal candle is the only light in the church going into Holy Saturday mass.

The chant and polyphony music for Holy Week :)

Seeing couples in Adoration together.

Doing Stations of the Cross with your best friend.

Having time off of school...even if it's only one day.

Getting food ready for the big feast. 

Easter Sunday...which means end of fasting and penance!!!!

Any other A&As that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

Old-fashionably yours,

Farm Lassie

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