Monday, April 10, 2017

A Word about Feminism and Utopias

Hey y'all,

So...I apologize in advance, but I really need to get this off my chest and combat some evil with some good.

I just sat through one of the most sickening classes that I've ever been in my life.

I made the mistake of taking a class on Utopias for my senior global that I'm required to take. Literally my other options was a Hiroshima class (which from my roommates comments is really bad) and a class on the Middle East (in which I would be required to visit a mosque.) What the heck is education coming to????

And since from the impression I got was that the class was based off of mostly traditional texts like St. Thomas More and Plato, I figured why not?

By the way....those works were in there but it was only a third of the class. The rest of the class literally is all Marxist/Communist and all the CRAPPY BAD IDEAS FROM IT.

By that, I mean crappy bad ideas like eugenics, environmentalism and the bane of my existence, feminism. I'll talk more about utopias later on in the post, but I really need to say a few things about feminism.

I am not feminist. I am feminine.

Believe me, there is a major difference.

Feminism really wants to destroy the following:
Traditional marriage and nuclear family (no procreation)
The idea of gender and sex itself (one gender)
Sexual taboos (including incest and sex with children)
Pregnancy and motherhood (reproducing asexually)

All by eliminating the need for men and their influence on society. Feminists act as usurpers, taking what is rightfully the man's role. Women nurture not just bodies but minds too. But we need men to balance us out and make us stand up straight. There is a universal truth that fathers have a big role in their daughter's emotional development rather than the mother. This is especially true when it comes to the daughter's confidence levels.

Suddenly, after re-learning all this feminism crap, it makes total sense why we have such a crappy society.

I know that this is probably a rehash of what you have heard before. But trust me ladies, I'm not suggesting that you actually look this stuff up. It is so sickening, I can't even begin to describe it. I literally was fighting the urge to scream in total rage.

Basically, feminism is the Woman's version of non servam. 

Non servam is Latin for "I will not serve."

This is the critical phrase that cast Lucifer and his confederates down to Hell.

The church fathers have been clear for centuries that Woman was especially called to be a mother. Whether it physically happens or not. It is her uniquely defined role that she must fulfill. Shame on these feminists who call for such a gross dereliction of duty among our young women!!!!!!!!

Ok, now I'll climb onto my other soap box: utopias.

I have heard (of course AFTER I decided to take this class) that Catholics reject utopianism. I wondered why, especially since I knew about Saint Thomas' More's work called Utopia and had read part of it already.

Well, I know NOW why.

Here's the thing: utopianism is the idea of a perfect world on Earth. Something that most of us know that will never happen.

Saint Thomas More has the credit of creating the word "utopia" (oddly enough, it's Greek for either Good Place or No Place, depending on which Greek word the translation is based off of).

Saint Thomas' work Utopia is about a fictional world that he is (supposedly) told about. He never claims it as a perfect world though.
In this world, the vices seem to be toned down or removed from society. Correcting abuses of human nature in a way while expanding the virtues. Some of the ideas that he introduces throw me a little such as the introduction of religious freedom, which seems to be a defense of the idea of out of free will choosing the True Faith. From reading Utopia, it seems to be a society orientated towards attaining Heaven. Which is good.

Then Marxists got a hold of this idea. And turned it into a hellish concept. Errors being upheld as virtue and perpetuated. No thought of an afterlife ever enters in, just enjoying the pleasures of this society here on Earth. Some of these utopian ideas (such as racial utopias and gender utopias) are so full of contradictions, errors and evil that I just want to throw up.

And since everyone has their own concept of what a perfect world on Earth is like, how can such an idea succeed?

It can't. Pure and simple.

If utopian ideals had remained under a Catholic definition (which is a good society totally bent on the salvation of souls and one that eliminates evil over time), the concept is airtight and the foundation of a good society. Besides Utopia, a couple of other works have operated under this definition, including Dr. Walter's novel Russian Sunrise. A Protestant version would be Addison Russel Peale's work Sub-Coelum.  

Let in one error, and the concept springs a leak, sinking it into the depths of Hell. Quite literally in some cases.

Phew....ok, I feel better. I'll get off my soap box now.

Old-fashionably yours,

Farm Lassie


  1. I think this is the rant you were telling me about. Well said, Catherine. I can't believe education has come to that. I'm glad you're speaking out about it. I know that you will come out of all of this stronger. You won't let them tell you what to believe.

    I'm so disturbed that they're preaching about socialism and communism as if its great. I also heard that schools aren't teaching about Hitler anymore and some people don't know who Hitler is. I'm searching for the video I wanted to show you. When I find it, I'll link it here.

  2. Yes it is 😉

    Oh believe me, it has come to that. Even in high school, I still got it. I haven't seen that video you mentioned, but I've seen that phenomenon IN PERSON. That to me is even scarier than seeing a video on it.

    Seeing communisn and socialism being taught as good disturbs me too. While I'm not exactly a huge fan of democratic republicanism, I'll take it over those two any day.

    But I'm surprised that schools aren't teaching about Hitler. That's scary.

    Thanks for commenting, Ivie!


  3. Yikes, I wouldn't want to see it in person, but I kind of have already with a neighbor. Its scary and very real. I'm starting to believe that the Liberal ideology is a mental illness. I used to think that was an exaggeration, but there is so much that is messed up.

    Great post, Catherine. Keep speaking the truth. :D

  4. yeah, no. No exaggeration. Wish it was, truly.

    Thanks, Ivie!
    Catherine (Farm Lassie)

  5. Wow, this is an awesome post, Catherine! I`m sorry you had to go through all that though! That sounds absolutely terrible! I appreciate you writing about it though!

    1. Thank you Giselle!

      Every class has it's good points and bad points - it just so happened that this one had more bad than good in it. On the other hand, it gives me the knowledge in order to combat the errors (since you can't really fight something that you don't know), so I suppose there is a reason for everything. Just shows you how far low education has sunk, if anything else.

      You're welcome!


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