Monday, March 20, 2017

Announcing....A New Header

Hey y'all, may have noticed something new as you opened up Frugally Fancy within the last 48 hours.

Missed it? Look above.

Yes. I figured out how to make a header.

How did I make it?

Not Picmonkey.

Not Canva.

Not even Photoshop.

I used......Microsoft Paint.

It was time consuming to create this header, and one for my other blog, The Rebelling Muse. Mostly it was a matter of finding and resizing all the images in order to make them all fit.

I did use a tutorial to get started: Once I had the dimensions, I was on my own.

This header was around 888 pixels long and 250 pixels high, which is a good size. You can change the pixel size of the canvas on Paint really easily (just click and drag the little squares on the edge of the canvas) To start with, I added the blog title via the text option onto the picture I wanted it on. I resized it to 250 pixels high using a resizing site ( and re-downloaded the image so I could copy it into Paint. The rest of the pictures I simply resized and arranged how I wished them (saving the resized picture and copy-pasting them in is much easier to use with the selection tool on Paint).

I will say that a lot of photo images sites have their own quirks when changing images. The resizing site I used for a lot of my images only let me change the width (when what I really wanted to change the height). And you have to make sure that you have the images exactly right in Paint before clicking off them (minor adjustments become major headaches). But if you really don't want to put out any more online accounts and are willing to spend some time and effort, I would recommend using Paint to make your headers.

For this header, I used free images found by Pixabay or Google Images (CC Search), plus one of my own images. I make it a priority to find public domain pictures whenever possible in my creative works, if not my own images.

The Title Picture
I love windows.....particularly rustic ones.
The text placement was a bit of a challenge for this one, but I think it really looks good on the right side.

Old fashioned Domestic Still Life
Not satisfied with having it just as my profile picture, I placed this still life in my header too. Not only does it have some really great colors, but I love the objects in them. And for those that follow me, I also have it as my new favicon.

Veil and Rosary
Since I do discuss some Catholic topics on here, I thought it very befitting to include a picture expressing such in my header. This is actually my lace mantilla folded up with my favorite rosary on top of it.

Treadle Machine
I'm an avid seamstress, and I love to sew my own clothes and alter others. You can do so much to spruce up clothes on a limited budget. I hope to do more sewing posts in the future here on Frugally Fancy. While I do know how to operate a treadle machine, I'm still a beginner at it.

Whenever I'm relaxed, I love to be in the kitchen, either cooking or baking. I believe in making your own food as much as possible, even to the point of making multiple batches of leftovers for those days when you need a quick one. Making bread is definitely one of my favorite things to do, seconded by experimenting with spice blends.

Talk about eye-popping color! I had chosen all the rest of my images and I needed a colorful food one to round out my design. This picture of plums really fit the rustic theme nicely.

I know that I haven't talked about this at all on Frugally Fancy, but I'm a big proponent of old-fashioned agriculture. I love doing things by hand and working with draft horses. And these Clydesdales are so pretty....

Unlike my other blog, I decided to leave the background theme. I thought that the header and changing the other one was stressful enough. 

What do you think of the new header, yay or nay? Feel free to tell me in the comments!

Old-fashionably yours, 

Farm Lassie


  1. I love all of the pictures you chose for your new header! What a neat idea to explain what each one means to you, it's like getting to know you better and I like that :)

    I think my favorite is of the Rosaries and veil, it caught my eye first and looked so pretty! After I read you used your own veil and Rosary, that made it even more neat! I liked the Clydesdales as well, they look so strong and majestic! Is that your favorite breed of horse?

    So very lovely, dear, I always enjoy your posts!


  2. Aw, I'm glad you liked the rosary picture! I'm actually surprised it came out as good as it did, as I took that picture during a really rainy morning. terms of looks, yes Clydesdales are my favorite. I haven't yet worked with any yet, lol. I've worked with some mixed draft horses though, and they were a lot of fun to play with.

    Farm Lassie


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