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Modesty for the Active Woman : Outdoor Recreational Activities

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Last post for the Modesty for the Active Woman series! Ho boy...this may be my toughest post many activities, so little time!

Each activity requires different kinds of movement, so you have to plan accordingly. Some activities can be safely done in regular modest wear. Other activities require a little more attention. I would recommend that any outfit that you wear to any sport should not be restrictive in any way. Pay attention to the tightness of the skirt/dress for any of the following activities. There is nothing dignifying about a woman struggling to run because of a tight skirt.

Safe sports for regular everyday wear:

Marksmanship sports (archery, target shooting, etc.)

Sports that require a little more care:

Horseback Riding:

I had planned to do an entire post on modest horseback riding, but this is one area that I have no practical experience in. I have a million and a half theories and ideas that may or may not work. Horseback riding in a skirt can be a difficult matter. I do have a Pinterest board devoted to ideas though that I would love to share.


I would go with a similar wardrobe to what I outlined in my Farm Work/Gardening post. Durable fabrics, such as denim, are great. Skirts can be a little longer, around the ankle. Again, wider is better, can't really climb over trees, rocks and streams with a tight skirt on. As to what to wear underneath, it depends on the location. You can get away with long socks/stockings on a well marked, clear park trail. Jeans/jeggings are better with a rough mountain trail, such as the Appalachian Trail. For camping, I would stick to jeans/jeggings under skirts, as they limit the bugs better and protect from nature's "snaggy" things. 


Most camouflage shirts and gear are modest enough for Catholic girls to wear. I would recommend that you sew a simple mid-calf camouflage skirt for dignity's sake. See Olivia Williams's camouflage skirt here:


Wear either an old skirt, a modest swim skirt or any other skirt that you won't mind getting wet in and/or be able to swim in. Capsizing is still a risk, even without skirts entering into the equation.


Running was not really considered dignified for ladies in the olden days, because of the fact that the skirts tended to ride up around the ladies thighs-knees, depending on the skirt length. Now women, modest dressers included, have included running into their daily workout.

I would recommend that the skirt you choose should kick away and not cling (clinging skirts slow you and force you to create more effort into getting to your destination). 

Gym workouts:

Finding modest workout clothes that fit Vatican standards is almost impossible. Most 'gym skirts' that I've found, even on modest sites, are simply too short. On the one hand, I understand why. Mobility. On the other hand, there is dignity to consider. Most gym clothes are also made from stretchy knit material, which is considered clingy by Catholic standards.

In my gym class, I've stuck to my regular modest skirts and T-shirts and did fine. I chose clothes that I could move freely in without restriction but close enough to my figure that they didn't drape all over the gym and get in the way of the equipment. However, I'm thinking of making an 'exercise' skirt, similar in style to my swim skirt.  

For more ideas for modest wear for active recreational wear, please see my board on Pinterest.
Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!

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Farm Lassie

P.S. Apparently, someone else shares my opinion on females and sports! Check out this link here:


  1. Hi Farm Lassie,

    It is good to see that another traditional Catholic girl has a blog which explains about how to dress modestly. You have a lot of good information here!

    I have added a link from my blog to your site:

    I hope that is okay...

    Oh, and as for horseback riding and modesty... My family has a riding business where we take people out for trail rides and give them lessons. I have been riding sidesaddle for the past 5 years so that I don't have to stress out too much about having a super wide skirt. It was a little weird at first, and took some time getting used to it, but now I don't think I would ever want to give it up! :-)

    God bless you and keep fighting the good fight for the Faith!

    In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,


    1. Hello Rita!

      I don't mind at all! In fact, I have your blog linked in the footer below!

      I've been wanting to learn how to ride sidesaddle...just haven't gotten the chance to take lessons (though I'll settle for any kind of riding lessons at this point!!!)

      So good to find another traditionalist! May God strengthen you as well!

      Farm Lassie


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