Tuesday, November 22, 2016

One Egg Short Of A Full Dozen: Scambled Egg/Custard Fail

Photo Credit: Agony - Kate Ter Haar. Found on Flickr
Hey y'all,

Boy, did I get into a cooking scrape recently! Henceforth let it be know that while failed custard can sometimes turn into scrambled eggs, failed scrambled eggs can NOT be made into an edible custard.....

Ok, so I wanted to get rid of some perishables before I left for a big trip. I was down to some milk and one egg. Keep that in mind cause that's important. I thought I would make a little scrambled egg for lunch. When I went to pour the milk into the egg, I wanted to use ALL the milk I had left. Clearly I underestimated the amount of milk in the container, because it very quickly became quite clear that I had put too much in.

Why did I not pour some out, you ask? GOOD QUESTION.

Salvage must have been the only thing on my mind. I finished breaking the egg into the milk and placed it in a skillet. I thought that I would at least have some pale scrambled eggs.

No. The egg only thickened the milk and the milk scalded.

Great. Now what?

So, I made a quick search on Pintrest for custards. The directions were similar, so what if I had too few eggs?

Hmmm, yeah, let me put my arrogant little self into place here.....

Let's put it this way, the mass didn't set in the oven or the fridge. It smelled ok as it cooked, but it didn't taste right. It was really watery too. I chalked it up as a failure and threw the mess out. (Which is probably what I should have done in the first place).

Later, I figured out what went wrong. I had already incorporated the eggs into the milk before and had too little egg. I wonder if I had more eggs it would have worked?

Not that I would experiment in the kitchen or anything of that nature....

Old-fashionably yours,

Farm Lassie

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Introducing the Farm Lassie!

Hey y'all,

Thanks for stopping by! Just call me Farm Lassie.

First and foremost, I am a young Traditional Catholic woman. I love all things feminine, including cooking, baking, needlecraft, reading, chick flicks (ahem....period dramas). That doesn't stop me from loving the outdoors or farming for that matter.

I'm a major do-it-yourselfer, and love to exercise my creative juices. I look for innovative solutions before going to outside sources. This has a tendency to lead me to scrapes...or it leads to some really creative ideas.

Here on my blog, I'll relate some of the stories of some of those scrapes...er ideas.....and hope to bring some light to your world.

Talk to y'all later,

Farm Lassie