Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Some Thoughts on the 46th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Last year on this day, I published a post called "45 Years and 65 Million Slaps to the Creators Face". For a time, it was one of my most-viewed posts.

I have now decided that I shall make a abortion post on an annual (if not more) basis for every anniversary that passes for Roe. v. Wade. And this year is a particularly interesting year to start with.

There is no doubt, since the appointing of conservative judge Brett Kavanagh to the Supreme Court, that the fight surrounding the issue of abortion has become increasingly polarized. Each side is offering more and more resistance to the other's tactics. Like most political fights, moderates are increasingly disappearing.

Crowd-funded films such as "Gosnell" and the upcoming Roe v. Wade movie have already reached national attention and for the former, record sales on Amazon, a very good rating on Rotten Tomatoes and decent box office returns. This is in spite of suppressed showings, little media coverage, and other leftist activity (LifeSiteNews).

Already, personal testimonies from actresses, political figures and former abortionists are making an impact on others. Encouraged by the increasingly positive direction that the pro-life movement is making, more and more are speaking out....and showing up to pro-life events such as the March for Life.

There are even hints that Roe v. Wade could be at least questioned in court if not overturned. It wouldn't be the first time that the Supreme Court could re-interpret a law to reflect the truth. It was seen in 1954 when Brown v. Board of Education effectively overturned a 58 year old court precedent known as Plessy v. Ferguson, the latter of which allowed racial segregation, another gravely immoral wrong.

Yes, the liberals are not going to give up without a fight. In fact, it would be wise to note their desperation, which is now extending to children indoctrination via fiction and slanderous attacks on minors; besides the usual tactics of suppression, discrimination, and agenda-pushing. Oh yes, and increased "protections" of abortion up to birth, non-medical abortion, and other such atrocities - atrocities that would have been unthinkable to most moderate liberals of decades past. They will use illogical emotion and ignorance as their main prongs of attack.

But, we cannot be discouraged by this.

The face of the pro-life movement is growing younger and younger as years go on. As each year passes, the March for Life increases in attendance while the Woman's March decreases.

I mentioned last year that the Silent Majority had found it's voice. Now it's using it, with great effect. And not by the traditional way of media either - which has a history of botching up stories.

No, the Silent Majority fights to go to the source and learn the truth. No botched secondhand accounts for them. And I believe that this is why the pro-life movement is growing so much - people have discovered that the truth is irreconcilable to what the Left promotes.

To my fellow Catholics, I strongly encourage you in charity to remember that today is a mandatory day of penance instituted by the bishops of this country in response to Roe v. Wade. We are called to increased penitential prayers, to fast and to alms-give as we are able this day. Much good has already occurred because of such practices, let us redouble our efforts!

We pray in reparation for all the "slaps" to the Creator's Face.

We pray today in memoriam for all the bleeding hearts that have been sacrificed to the idols of
personal irresponsibility, racial and economic purity, and the false idea of "choice".

We pray that America may be a nation that lives up to it's first principle as declared in 1776 that all persons have the right to LIFE.

We pray for all the women who have been harmed by abortion, and for their continued healing.

And we pray for all unborn children, that they may be born healthy and their souls may be saved.

Our Lady, Protectoress of the Unborn, PRAY FOR US!!

Old-fashionably yours,