Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Labora Agricultura : Ecological Farming

This post is an installment of my Labora Agricultura series, which examines several farming systems and topics through a Catholic lens. For more information, I encourage you to look at my introduction post, and check out my posts on industrial agriculture and organic agriculture.  

Hey y'all,

This is a slightly different Labora Agricultura post and one that is more controversial than the others that I've written about.

I am firmly against climate change, or going green. The fact is, we do not have control over the environment. Our impacts on the environment are probably much smaller than a lot if the leading scientists make them out to be. I'm not saying be a wasteful slob and contaminate everything. That's just against common sense. But, the Earth should not be the center of our lives.

Since the 1970s, in response to scientific evidence, more Earth-centered farming systems have started to appear. Almost all ecological farming systems are a radicalized version of organic agriculture, which I covered in the last Labora Agricultura post. These farming systems, thankfully, have remained small, but one such system has started to gain public awareness: biodynamic farming.

Biodynamic farming is a system that shares a lot of practices with organic farming, but they combine that with a lot of pagan mystic and spiritual practices. Language such as "balancing vital forces", "influences of the cosmos" and other such nonsense is thrown all over their materials. These farms are starting to be popular among organic advocates as a more "holistic" approach and a lot of modern horsepowered farms are biodynamic farms.

I would not support these operations that label themselves as biodynamic. The First Commandment is the reason that I will give. Biodynamic ideology is clearly pagan, and therefore I believe we should avoid supporting such operations.

As to the question on whether to support environmentally leaning farms, I personally err on the side of caution.

Old-fashionably yours,